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supinator n : a muscle (especially in the forearm) that produces or assists in supination

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The Supinator is a broad muscle, curved around the upper third of the radius.

Origin and insertion

It consists of two planes of fibers, between which the deep branch of the radial nerve lies. The two planes arise in common—the superficial one by tendinous and the deeper by muscular fibers—from the lateral epicondyle of the humerus; from the radial collateral ligament of the elbow-joint, and the annular ligament; from the ridge on the ulna, which runs obliquely downward from the dorsal end of the radial notch; from the triangular depression below the notch; and from a tendinous expansion which covers the surface of the muscle.
The superficial fibers surround the upper part of the radius, and are inserted into the lateral edge of the radial tuberosity and the oblique line of the radius, as low down as the insertion of the Pronator teres.
The upper fibers of the deeper plane form a sling-like fasciculus, which encircles the neck of the radius above the tuberosity and is attached to the back part of its medial surface; the greater part of this portion of the muscle is inserted into the dorsal and lateral surfaces of the body of the radius, midway between the oblique line and the head of the bone.


The action of the Supinator is suggested by its name; it assists the Biceps in bringing the hand into the supine position.

General use of term

The term "Supinator" can also refer more generally to a muscle that causes supination of a part of the body. In older texts, the term "supinator longus" was used to refer to the Brachioradialis, and "supinator brevis" was used to the muscle now known as the Supinator.

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